Changing the live website name



I’ve just setup my server (Ubuntu/Apache) to use the LE certificates. This worked pretty well. During my first successful attempt to create a cert, I didn’t supply the domain names, so it pulled it from my mess of Apache configs. It built the first cert for, which is a bit temporary. On a subsequent run, I used the -d flag to define a half dozen domain names, including The first domain defined was Unfortunately, under the /etc/letsencrypt/live directory, I now have as the directory holding the certs. I’d really prefer that this would be just

If I change the directory name, update the Apache configs and modify the cert/privkey/chain/fullchain lines in the, then change that file name, will this work? Will I be able to renew correctly? Any other side effects? Anything else that I need to fix? Or is this saved away in the LE database as well?

I’m reluctant to blow it away and try again, as I’m nervous that this domain is marked as in use.

Thanks in advance,