Limit on number of domain in SAN

is there a limit on the number of domains for a SAN?

a friend of mine who is in the beta experienced some issues creating a SAN with 4 domains, but when he put the rest again in another cert it weirdly worked for him…

The current limit is no more than 100 names in a SAN.

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okay nice to know maybe the issue lied in the fact that he essentially tried to request a domian in the format like which has not just 3 bur 4 parts, no Idea, I’ll see on gen availability

Does that limit of 100 subject alternate names still exist?

Yes, it’s listed here: Rate Limits for Let’s Encrypt

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Has there been thought given to making this rate limit queryable via ACME?

There has been some discussion on adding a rate limit endpoint (or headers, i.e. X-Certificates-Remaining: 5 for new-cert, etc.) Nothing that’s being worked on at the moment, though. Here’s a relevant issue:

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