Is a scam, please obtain information and report

Hello, this website has just been created, as per google it states through you guys.

Many people have stated they have reported the website as it’s a scam, but I ask that you guys obtain the details from the creator if google is correct and used you guys to make the website and report those details to your local government scam watch or similar, as the people who created this website through you are using it to scam people of their personal and bank details.

Please do what you think is best in this situation to ensure that the person(s) responsible are caught and reprimanded.


What makes you believe that?

This is a Shopify website. If you find it objectionable for some reason, go report it to Shopify:

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Well, it uses a Let’s Encrypt cert, so of course Let’s Encrypt certifies that they’re legit.

Let’s Encrypt certifies that they are in control of that domain, but not that they are legit in many different sense.

Apparently my sarcasm wasn’t obvious enough. I’m perfectly aware of what the certificate means (the holder demonstrated control over the domain at the time of issuance) and doesn’t mean (anything else). OP, however, doesn’t seem to be aware of this.

Sorry, my sarcasm detector just got broken. :blush:

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