LetsMonitor.org v3.0 released

This release adds new advanced monitor types:

LetsMonitor.org provides free HTTPS and certificate expiration/validation monitors with escalating alerts. We have added more monitor types, focused on website threats and performance:

Botnet/Malicious User Detection - This monitors suspicious or fraudulent users and alerts you when the user quality score drops below a threshold.

Domain Blocklist - Whether your site is on a domain blocklist.

Email Blocklist - Whether your email server has been blocklisted.

Google Safe Browsing - Checks if your site has been flagged by the Google Safe Browsing service for hosting malware or being a phishing site.

DNS Expected Values - Makes sure your DNS values are what you expect them to be.

Open Port Scan - Checks if any system ports on a host are open when they should not be.

Real User Performance - Monitors global load times and satisfaction levels from real users.

TCP Port - The TCP Port monitor checks if a server is accepting TCP connection requests on a specific I.P. address port.

Check it out at: https://letsmonitor.org
Release notes: https://letsmonitor.org/releases


The new monitors seem focused on security. I really appreciate what you’ve provided for certificate monitoring, but this seems like a different direction. Are you going to continue enhancing the certificate monitoring? In my case, I’d still like to see custom cipher sets.

Yes. Certificate security is a major focus, for example, the DROWN vulnerability can be detected by our monitors. We are working on that now.

Also different types of contacts - like Slack, etc.

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Webhooks into Slack would be great.

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Interesting similarities with things like Qualys SSL Labs, yet looking for subtly different items. I think these services can be very valuable, not just to see when something changes, but to help people understand what’s wrong with their sites when they break – sometimes for reasons whose existence they weren’t aware of.

Exactly. One of the motivations for building this is that I had a site that scored an F on Qualys and didn’t know about for who knows how long. Having monitors on your certs/sites is critical these days.

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