LetsMonitor.org v2.0 - free certificate monitoring


Release notes:

Version 2.0 of LetsMonitor.org adds completely free HTTPS monitoring to its certificate expiration monitoring.

This is a major update,with the primary new feature being global HTTPS monitoring for functionality, availability and performance. Also, certificate monitors now have configurable expiration thresholds. Contacts are now more flexible and sets can be set up for escalations.

In addition, many fixes have been implemented, including confirmation tests to avoid false positives.

See it here: https://letsmonitor.org

Console Access to manage the certficates

How often do you monitor certificates?

Also, I see five minute monitoring for HTTPS. I know it’s a free service, but is there any chance that will be lowered in the future?


Certificates are monitored every 20 minutes.

Assuming our infrastructure doesn’t get overwhelmed, the monitoring interval for HTTPS will be lowered over time.


How long do you retain the test results?


Right now, 90 days. If there is interest in results earlier than that, we will probably extend it.


I should also mention that when the API is complete, you will be able to query test results and monitor status for integration purposes.


What’s the use of minute granularity in the context of 90-day certificates?


The minute granularity seems to apply to HTTPS monitoring - not really important for certificates. I’ve set up several HTTPS monitors at 5 minute intervals.


We just added monitoring stations in Dallas and Chicago.


Yes, you’ll notice there is no option to pick an interval for certificate monitoring, but there is for HTTPS. Certificate monitoring has a fixed interval, but can also be tested from the website at anytime.


I think I see an issue. The certificate dashboard has the magnifying glass icons by each monitor, but when you click on them, nothing happens.


Thanks, a fix will be posted shortly.


Monitoring stations in Frankfurt and Mumbai have been added.


certificates should be monitored once per day, and that should be default. To monitor certificates every hour, or every 5 minutes is just nonsense. Service is great, and you will soon monitor millions of certificates. If you go soft, you will soon have to charge for monitoring or turn your service off due to server cost. Preserve your resources, and monitor once per day. That is more than enough.


And now there is a station in Seoul


The rationale for the short intervals is that the certs need to be renewed frequently and many people are using cron jobs to do that. If the job fails or breaks something you want to know asap.

However I think we should make a change and offer higher intervals.

We have putting together some data on costs and I’ll publish it. It is much less than we are saving on buying certs. It is not as expensive as you would think because these checks are very lightweight. Also we are leveraging a lot of existing code and infrastructure.


Twilio fee last month - roughly $30.


Great Job. Thank you!





Thank you. Please feel free to let us know about any features/bugs you would like to see.


A new station in Cheyenne, Wyoming has been deployed