LetsMonitor.org - Monitoring certificates


Looking into it now…


That situation wasn’t being handled correctly, but is now fixed.


Looks much better now, thanks :slight_smile:


Also, I just want to say that we have a lot of domains and LetsEncrypt will likely be saving us more than we expect to pay in SMS fees. That is one of many reasons I love LetsEncrypt.


I believe your issue has been resolved.


My 02¢ – I think it would be better if you didn’t do that mid splash section – it looks too much like LetsEncrypt.

I also think you are very likely to get a cease&desist from LetsMonitor.com. certmonitor.org is free and there is nothing on the .com


Going with ‘green web’ banner. Encryption everywhere.


Thanks for the domain tip. I hope we don’t have to change, but if necessary we will.


I’ve just checked Twilio prices. For US you’re probably OK, but with international messaging you’re likely to run up some costs. For example, SMS to the UK is $0.04. Does not seem like much, but if you have enough international subscribers, that could actually amount to some $$.


So far, 21% of alert endpoints are SMS, and 22% of those are outside the U.S.

We will be adding some text on the site to ask people to use email-based SMS.

Also, yesterday, AWS announced SMS capabilities that would work for this. I’m going to look into that to see if it is cheaper.


In your list of email-to-SMS gateways for various cell providers, could you please add Google Fi: [your phone number with area code]@msg.fi.google.com . Documented at https://support.google.com/fi/answer/6356597 .

You might also want to clarify the “[your phone number]” placeholder in the other entries, as such email-to-SMS gateways typically require the full phone number with area code. (People in areas that still allow dialing a local phone number without the area code may not automatically think to add their area code.)


Guys, thank you for the excellent service!
SMS notification and domain verification work well in Ukraine.


Yes, thanks for the info.


Well the intresting part is whether every provider (i have Vodafone germany) has email based sms


We just added Google Fi to the main list and a link to a very large list of cellular providers and their email to SMS addresses.


Looks promising, can we find the code somewhere ?


If you want the code for a simple bash version - it’s checkssl


wow! thanks a ton for making this!

Goog job!

A minor css issue: if the expires days is bigger than 99 (for certs not from LE), “days” would wrap into the second line (the cell is not wide enough) :slight_smile:


well done!

A question, I’m currently serving 2 certificates per domain, one for RSA and one for ECC. Can letsmonitor handle 2 certificates per domain?


Ah, we were testing LE certs, with 90 day expirations. We also want to support non-LE certs. The font has been changed and it looks like it doesn’t wrap anymore.