Letsencrypt vs Comodo PositiveSSL

Hello I am wondering whether to buy a SSL cert from Comodo PositiveSSL or just use the free SSL given by Letsencrypt. I heard that Letsencrypt doesn’t support to opera mini browser, is that true?

Hi @CutaInfo, we saw a complaint about this last year at

I don't know where to get authoritative up-to-date information about this. If you have access to Opera Mini, you could try accessing a site (like this forum!) secured with Let's Encrypt and let us know about the results.

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In my Android 7.1 mobile phone, Opera Mini shows a lock in the address bar when I surf to this forum. It doesn’t give me any opportunity to view any information about the state of the (secured) connection though…

Strange thing: if I surf to google.com, I don’t get a lock icon?

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Thanks. checked on both UC Browser and Opera Mini (latest versions), worked fine. so I ended up installing letsencrypt in my site. Hope it won’t go wrong. :slight_smile:

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compatibility is a 2 stage process

A) does the server serve up intermediates to create a chain of trust
B) does the server support the right algorithms for compatibility

In terms of LetsEncrypt vs Comodo -

A) Makes no difference if you include the intermediates
B) run your site through ssllabs.com - this will give you an idea of what clients are supported with your current configuration

Mozilla provides a great guide on what ciphers to use: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Server_Side_TLS


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