Cert error in Opera Mini browser


I’m not sure if it’s the right category to ask this, but…
I’ve got an old smartphone. I purchased it back in 2009, but the model dates to 2008. It’s NOKIA E63.
But the mobile browser that I use in it is rather new. It’s Opera Mini from 2012, I think. (ver. 7.1.32444)
And I get a cert error when I try to access my site. Before I installed Let’s Encrypt, I’d been using a “regular” cert and I hadn’t got any errors.

Could you test your website with https://ssllabs.com ? Do you see warnings like “incomplete chain”?

(Seams your configuration is not listed in Which browsers and operating systems support Let's Encrypt )

I ran that test and got an A. No warning. The only two browsers that didn’t pass that test were IE6 and IE8 under XP, I think.

I suspect you’re out of luck I’m afraid, I can’t find a definitive list of CAs trusted by Opera Mini, and Opera themselves no longer maintain this sort of information. I also couldn’t find any tutorials about how to add to the trusted list for Opera Mini, although I did find a suggestion that it’s independent from the Symbian S60 operating system on your Nokia phone, so updating the list in that OS probably won’t help :frowning:

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