Is a Let's Encrypt certificate cross-browser compatible?

Hello Let’s Encrypt,

A client of mine has a website.
It resides on a VPS running cPanel.
His site is currently HTTP:// and I wanted to install an HTTPS:// certificate.
But my client can only access his cPanel account.

So I asked the WebHost provider to install an SSL cert and they wanted €90.
Then I said what about installing a LetsEncrypt Certificate,
As I know LetsEncrypt is integrated into WHM.
And this was their response:

No, LetsEncrypt is not currently available on shared hosting.
LetsEncrypt is not fully supported by all browsers - including some old browsers/versions of old browsers but also some recent versions of modern browsers. Our engineers are currently reviewing LetsEncrypt support for our shared hosting servers but I’m afraid they find it has not quite matured yet to roll it out. There would be no way for us to know how many visitors to a website got the ‘connection not trusted’ warning due to their specific browser version.

I was wondering how true/accurate their statement was?
If Let’s Encrypt is good enough for cPanel themselves then why isn’t it good enough for the Hosting Provider?

Anyone care to offer their opinion?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @LordLiverpool

yes, IE6 + XP may not support that. But to allow IE6 + XP to connect, the webserver must allow SSL3 -> so SSL3 is removed, IE6 + XP can’t access the website -> you see, it’s not a problem of the certificate.

The hosting company may explain the “modern browsers”.

Check a website with a Letsencrypt certificate via

then you will see: Most problems are configuration problems, not certificate problems.

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The root CA currently used by Let’s Encrypt, DST Root CA X3, is supported by virtually any modern client, and most old ones, with a couple exceptions.

For a typical web use case, you should be fine.

Let’s Encrypt is one of the most widely used CAs.

Plus, do you really test your JavaScript with Android 2.3.5?

Which ones?


You can get a simple " and" certificate from some CAs for like $10.


As I suspected they’re either ignorant of the current facts or the more likely case is, they’re deliberately squeezing customers.Either way it’s not good.

IE6 has a market share of just 0.04% so I think we can safely ignore it.

Thanks very much for the information gentlemen, it looks like I will be moving hosting providers asap.

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