Letsencrypt path



On my FreeBSD System, the Path for Letsencrypt files is: /usr/local/etc/letsencrypt
Can I change this to another path like /data/letsencrypt?
And if it is possible: How exactly can I do it?



I think what you’re looking for is the --config-dir command-line option.


-config-dir is the command line argument to set the path for a configuration file. I want ALL files this certbot thing creates to be in a different directory.

In many other software packages, this is absolutely no problem, just

  • set path using Config file
  • set path using a command line argument
  • set path using a ENVIRONMENT variable
  • set path when running ./configure
  • set path when compiling from ports

And you’re done. How about certbot?


The command-line option for one configuration file would be --config or -c. That’s the configuration file you can use instead of command-line options (i.e. some .ini file with webroot-path = ... instead of a -w command-line option).

--config-dir contains the path to Let’s Encrypt’s configuration directory, which defaults to /etc/letsencrypt (or I suppose /usr/local/etc/letsencrypt on FreeBSD) and which includes the directories containing the actual certificates, intermediates and private keys. At least that’s my understanding of these options; I haven’t needed them in the past, so take this with a grain of salt.


Thanks, everybody, I will try it.


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