Letsencrypt not working on one of many domains

Hi, i’m using virtualmin/webmin for the first time, and one of the points that make me choose they is a pretty good simple way to use letsencrypt on the GUI, with the click of a button. And have been awesome on a lot of my domains. Pretty much all actually… I’ve have on the same server 6 sites, 5 working perfectly, all with letsencrypt setted. But i’ve notice something, all my domains that end with .com or .net, are perfectly setted, my only .com.br (i’m from brazil) cannot be setter, i’ve got the “not authorized error”. The weird thing is that, letsencrypt works. I’ve got 5 sites working perfectly with LE, and tested another 4. I’m only getting the “not authorized error” on the .com.br or .net.br…
Please… Help me

Bom dia @niamniamniam. Vou responder em inglês já que as pessoas não gostam do uso de línguas estrangeiras nesse fórum.

Maybe there is something wrong or different about the DNS settings for that domain? People have suggested some DNS checking services in the earlier thread at

You could use these to discover if something is misconfigured in the DNS service for the Brazilian domains.

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