LetsEncrypt for Nginx server block

I have an Ubuntu virtual machine with Nginx 1.18 installed. I am using the Nginx default server block to serve some static HTML files. I would like to add LetsEncrypt SSL encryption to my Nginx default block, which is called /etc/Nginx/sites-available/default.

There are some nice tutorials for example this one, that shows how to add SSL to the Nginx server block. The above link says to have the same name of the Nginx server block as the domain name. However, my Nginx server block and domain names are different.

Will it be a problem and do both names need to be the same?

Forget that tutorial, start from here: Certbot Instructions | Certbot


Thanks a lot for the link, seems like this is what I need. Just one question, if I choose to let CertBot modify my Nginx configuration, how it is going to be with some services running behind Nginx? For example, I have REST api service that uses Nginx as a reverse-proxy server. In addition, the HTML files behind Nginx connects to http://domain:port to fetch and serve some geographic data.

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It should work fine. But nobody can know how these services will react to moving over https.


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