Letsencrypt.cn and letsencrypt.com.cn was registered by Wosign

How shameless Wosign can be.
Wosign was not trusted by Mozilla,
and the two domains about letsencrypt were registered by Wosign.
I think it’s harmful to letsencrypt brand,and it’s also offensive.
Hope Wosign closes down immediately.


I think it is sensitive because these two domains were registered by another CA.(especally not trusted by Mozilla recently)
If someone else registered these domains for legal use i have nothing to blame.

Definitely concerning and potentially some sort of trademark infringement, though I’m not sure how courts would treat unused domain names.

Either way, sad to see another CA doing something like this. (Comodo previously tried to register trademarks related to Let’s Encrypt, but they’ve since abandoned those registrations.)

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According to Wikipedia - Let’s Encrypt - History and schedule, the project was publicly announced on Nov 18th, 2014. The two domains mentioned (according to the whois records) were registered on the 20th.

They were quick.

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