Letsencrypt & Cloudflare Together

Hello guys,

I’m using Letencrypt ssl with Cloudflare strict ssl. Won’t having two ssl certificate slow down the speed of my website. While checking for google speed score, I’m having slow server response suggestion. I guess this is not due to multiple SSL? What do you think?

Hi @shawnp

if your server is slow, there are a lot of reasons possible. SSL shouldn’t be relevant.

No caching, wrong caching, too slow database connections, missing indices, too much Wordpress plugins, tons of JavaScript / css files.

If a website includes 100 files, a lot of time is required.


The TLS/SSL handshake is slightly slower than a non encrypted one, but Cloudflare and other CDNs can make optimizations that reduce the impact dramatically. For instance when serving a cached page they don’t need to contact your server at all. Even for non-cached pages, they may have an existing connection to your server that they can reuse for extra speed.

Lots of people use Strict SSL and don’t have performance problems, so I would first look at other components of your system.


Thanks to both of you for your valuable inputs.

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