SSL big increase in ttfb and time

We have just enabled a Let’s Encrypt SSL and enabled our site to run the https protocol. We have noticed a large increase in ttfb and time. see attached screenshot. screenshot link is this normal?

This would be entirely unrelated to which certificate you happen to use, and more related to your webserver configuration. That seems like a bit larger of a performance hit than I’d expect - are you certain your webserver is using any hardware cryptographic accelerators available? Perhaps you’ve made a poor choice in algorithms to use?

Since this forum is more oriented towards the Let’s Encrypt-specific side of things, I think you’d get better help asking in a more general help/discussion forum, like StackExchange for example.

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Hi, Thank you for your comments Jared.m . i will discuss with web hosts then see if we can get to the root cause of this. i was not sure if this was related to Let’s Encrypt SSL or not you see. I will look into the suggestions you made. cheers

If you test only HTTP is that result still normal?
How large is the cert 2K, 4k?
How fast is the CPU?
Has the CPU usage increased significantly?
Do your results match
(maybe the testing equipment is what’s slow - lol)

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