Letsencrypt client - update method?


Curious what is the upgrade method for updating the Letsencrypt client ? There doesn’t seem to be any documentation for this ?


We’re hoping most people will get it as an operating system package, and then new versions will be available from their operating system package repository.

For people who’ve installed it manually from our GitHub site (which is not recommended for most users), they can repeat the process by downloading a newer version of the code and following the same install steps again.


thanks @schoen OS package manager would be great :smile:

I’m mainly a CentOS guy, so definitely will be up for testing YUM rpm side



Current prod is CentOS 5.11 which currently doesn’t have the necessary packages up to date enough to run LE. So exploring LE on CentOS 7.


@NOYB yes CentOS 5.x is ancient, you’d be on a older OpenSSL version which lacks the improvements that CentOS 6/7’s OpenSSL version brings especially as it relates to what SSL ciphers you can offer server side for your SSL certificates :slight_smile: