Letsencrypt-auto not finding my sites


I’m running CENTOS 7.2 with the latest cpanel and I’m trying to install certificates for the sites running on that machine. When I run letsencrypt-auto it only finds the main domain that the server is running under. None of the virtual hosts are found. Is there something I’m doing wrong?



I’m seeing the same thing here. Only one of the sites in my /sites-available/ or /sites-enabled/ directories are showing in the setup tool.


Letsencrypt-auto doesn’t work fully with most of the sites that have a “control panel” (such as cpanel) which modify the apache config themselves. This is for a number of reasons including that cpanel puts all the config into a single file rather than in separate config’s per domain.

@olivermarshall2, if you are not using cpanel ( you don’t specify ) then you might be seeing a different issue than the original poster.