Let's Encrypt Zertifikat mit ACMEv2

Wie kann ich ein Let’s Encrypt Zertifikat (SSL ) mit ACMEv2 erstellen für mein FileMaker Server 18 läuft auf Windows Server 16.

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Have you tried using Google to search for a how-to? For example, search with Google for “FileMaker Server Let’s Encrypt” and find https://bluefeathergroup.com/blog/how-to-use-lets-encrypt-ssl-certificates-with-filemaker-server/

Note: success isn’t guaranteed as that guide is for FMS up to version 17. But you can always try with 18.

Thanks very much it works but with ACMEv1, but i need it with ACMEv2 . Should i change the Method or can i edit the script.

For FM server 18 we want just to test it before using.

Well, that’s a big bummer…

You probably need a whole other library if ACMESharp doesn’t support ACME v2. Perhaps use https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/ACME-PS/ for example. I think that’s a fork of the original ACMESharp? But not sure. I also don’t know if its API is compatible with the GetSSL.ps1 script at all

That is the updated version of the document referred previously. This one is using LE64.exe, which by default uses v2 protocol.

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