Let's encrypt + vpssim


My domain is: larashare.net

My operating system is (include version): CentOS 7.3-1611 (64bits)

My web server is : vpssim 3.8.1

My hosting : soyoustart

sorry for my bad english

i use vpssim script with let’s encrypt plugin

Since 4 months ago I have my site in https with let’s encrypt, but 2 days ago the certificate has expired and do not want to renew itself, error You have not point larashare.net to serverIP yet!
But my domain is pointed at the good ip

can you help me ?


hi @bambino

i can see that you have issued a new certificate


looks like you are using NGINX? if so you should be able to use NGINX configuraiton file to point to your new certificates

You will also need to restart nginx so the new certificate will be used

The VPSSIM seems to only have functionality for self signed certificates not letsencrypt

also port 443 is not opened



thanks you for reply
Very strange, yesterday I restart the server, nginx, etc ... and nothing change, today you tell me to restart nginx and it will work, miracle its working!

Vpssim tells me no site to ssl on my server and renew command gives this error

(standard_in) 2: illegal character: L
(standard_in) 2: illegal character: N
(standard_in) 2: syntax error
(standard_in) 2: illegal character: R
(standard_in) 2: illegal character: T
(standard_in) 2: illegal character: '
(standard_in) 2: illegal character: '
(standard_in) 2: syntax error
(standard_in) 2: syntax error
/etc/vpssim/menu/vpssim-renew-ssl-letsencrypt: line 71: [: : integer expression expected
/etc/vpssim/menu/vpssim-renew-ssl-letsencrypt: line 93: [: : integer expression expected
/etc/vpssim/menu/vpssim-renew-ssl-letsencrypt: line 126: [: : integer expression expected

May be the 2.6.7 update that is not compatible with the vpssim system?

actually my site is ok with https , but for how long... ?


hi @bambino

you are now serving the correct certificate :smiley:

note: you are not getting the green padlock because some of your content is not served over https

if you check this site: https://www.whynopadlock.com/ it will tell you the content that you need to fix

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yes, thumbnails youtube and other cause this issues , if i delete video block , padlock is green

great :smiley:

VPSSIM seems to have letsencrypt functionality but no documentation so you should see if they can update it

this should help you with your renewal in 3 months time


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If you can advise me a better web panel, with same functionality , I’m listening :slight_smile:

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