Help for a newbie on setting up Lets Encrypt


I’m very new to the world of SSL and working with servers, and found the explanation on the Lets Encrypt website a little confusing. Is there anyone here who can lay things out for me in a very simple way?

I’m hosted on a VPS on Bluehost. They provide instructions on how to set up an SSL certificate and how to reset one I can’t quite figure out how to actually get this information via Lets Encrypt though.

Thank you :slight_smile:



Let’s encrypt is easy to install and use, I have written an article off how it can be installed on an VPS with NGINX, maybe it heps you: let’s encrypt on CentOS with Nginx

If not on Nginx maybe the below article would be useful:
[let’s encrypt on Ubuntu with Apache



Hi @alaria, are you used to using a Unix command line on your web server, for example via ssh or PuTTY? (Does Bluehost allow you to do that and are you familiar with it?)


Hi Im a newbie as well. I managed to figure out how to get letsencrypt on my VPS on Bluehost (CentOS 6). Through SSH I installed it and ran it and got the message that the certificate was created. but have no idea how to get it working. Since BlueHost sells SLL certificates through their partners they will only help you install thise certificates. The message I got told me that the files are saved to /etc/letsencrypt/live/ but there is no letsencrypt directory in my etc directory. There is just my domain directory and nothing having to with letsencrypt. Outside of the etc directory in my root/home there is a letsencrypt directory where the program files are installed but no live directory so Im totally confused on how I can find the files and then use cpanel SSL/TLS Manager to be able to use the cert. SSL/TLS says There are no certificates on the server. I found a testing site SSL Labs and it says: Assessment failed: No secure protocols supported. In SSL/TLS Manager you can browse for the cert to install but I have no idea what filename or directory to browse to since etc/letsencrypt/live/ doesnt exist. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


@YWXGreg, were you running the client as root? Did you see the “Congratulations” message at the end?


Yes I was using root and got the Congradulations message.


Is there anything about the configuration of your VPS that might prevent you from writing files into /etc? Do you have client logs in /var/log/letsencrypt? What command did you use to run the client when you obtained your certificate?

Can you find your certificate by searching for your domain name on


I want to find the certificate and use cpanel to install it. Nit sure what filename to search for


You could try running

sudo find / -type f -name cert.pem

to see if a relevant file got created anywhere that still exists. For the search, you would be searching for your domain name on that site in order to confirm that the certificate has actually been issued. (All issued certificates get logged in the Certificate Transparency system.)



Thats the search I tried in File Manager


Ok that site shows its there


Those are all test data from the client source code. How about fullchain.pem?