Let's Encrypt telegram bot

i have successfully built a telegram bot for obtaining free ssl certificate
if you are on telegram messenger please test my bot http://telegram.me/letsencrypt_bot
this bot currently supports only DNS method of authorization and i will complete HTTP method soon.

How should this work without you knowing all the keys?

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i do get nothing by knowing the private keys its just helpful for who want to get free ssl certificate for their domains easily and quickly without installing/setting up anything.
if you found it unsafe simply don’t use it.

lol, is this a joke?

OP, why not make a demo video?

demo video for what?

Showing the bot in action is what I’m interested in.

It really is tremendously unsafe though. Even if you tell everybody you’re a good person and won’t keep copies of any keys, there is no way at all for them to verify that. Now of course most Let’s Encrypt users can’t verify this for themselves for any service, even the certbot CSR mode is too baffling for most people to grok why it definitely can’t have their keys (it never even sees them) but for those services people like me can inspect them and let everybody know if there’s a problem. With the Telegram bot I can’t vouch for it, nobody can. Only you.

Also, you probably don’t have permission to use the Let’s Encrypt logo for your bot. This gives the (presumably false) impression that you’re doing this in some official capacity.

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