Lets encrypt show origin cert

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i apply origin cert on cloudflare for 1 year but when proxy is on its shows lets encrpt cert for 3 month . how to auto reneval the cert. and why its shows lets encrpt

Read more about Cloudflare Origin certificates here:


The Cloudflare Origin Certificate encrypts traffic between your server (The Origin) and Cloudflare's network, using Cloudflare's private, not-publicly-trusted Certificate Authority.

Cloudflare then must encrypt your traffic between their network and end users using a certificate from a publicly trusted Certificate Authority. Cloudflare will procure multiple public certificates at a time for your domain, each from a different CA, to use as primary certificate and backup(s) in an emergency.

In this situation, they are using a LetsEncrypt certificate to encrypt the traffic between their network's edge and your end users.