Lets Encrypt Plesk server (the I.P. addresses not Domains)

I am going through a list of domains on my server,

and using lets encrypt - is it possible to give a cert for the actual plesk /I.P. address?

when i check the I.p. address I am getting a “mismatch” COMODO SSL Analyzer

Certificate Details
Common Name wmysite.com MISMATCH

No, Let’s Encrypt doesn’t offer certificates for IP addresses, only for fully qualified domain names.

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Not issuing certificates for IP addresses is something that applies to all Public CAs not just LetsEncrypt

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That's not entirely correct: the baseline requirements only restrict certificates for private IP addresses (called Reserved IP Address there). For public IP addresses, it is perfectly possible to get a certificate for, just not from Let's Encrypt (I don't know why).

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thanks for clarifying

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