Let's Encrypt On Digital Ocean's Linux Server With Sentora

I am using Digital Ocean for a vhost. I want to use Let’s Encrypt to certify my site with SSL/https. I am using their Linux server with Sentora 1.0.3. Let’s Encrypt installed fine, but when it looked for the domain’s that I want covered, it could not find any. The Let’s Encrypt only does give me 4 .conf files to cover:

  1. httpd-vhosts.conf
  2. default-ssl.conf
  3. 000-default.conf
  4. 000-default.conf-le-ssl.conf

Digital Ocean said Lets Encrypt’s script will not work out of the box with Sentora. They suggested contact Sentora support and request information about implementing Lets Encrypt with their setup, which I have in process. Unfortunately, I do not know how Sentora sets up their stack so I cannot figure out how to force a workaround. Does anyone have any suggestion?

Hey 1to1 marketing,

I have recently got lets encrypt working on digitalocean and sentora for my site gemnode.

I have wrote an article on how I did it here https://gemnode.com/2016/07/17/https-ssl-encryption-sentora-control-panel-hosted-sites/

I believe you want to select the first one. httpd-vhosts.conf but then you will get an error. But the certificates were still generated and work for me. I have 5 domains encrypted and working including the sentora panel.

If you are still stuck I will be happy to assist you, just let me know.

Best of luck!

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