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I recently added Letsencrypt SSL to my page and something went wrong.

If I write www.example.com to address bar, it goes to https://example.com

But if I write example.com, it goes to https://wwwexample.com (Without " . " between “www” and “example”), so an error pops up that such page does not exist.

I tried to delete this certificate somehow, delete directory /letsencrypt/ and directories in it (/live/example.com, /archive/ etc.).

I even reinstalled my server but still after typing example.com it goes to https://wwwexample.com

Could someone help me? I don’t know what to do to fix it.

I have a VPS, operating system is Debian 9.

My domain is: dorcio.com


From my perspective, I get “No route to host” errors from the IPv6 address and “Connection refused” errors from the IPv4 address.

What web server is it using? What is the configuration? Can you check with something that doesn’t cache, like curl?


Currently it doesn’t use any web server because I reinstalled my server just now.


I installed Nginx.

curl dorcio.com


Well, redirects are a webserver level of feature. It has nothing to do with the certificate. Also, reinstalling a server completely is almost never a good solution, as most issues on *nix are fixable without it.

As you’ve reinstalled your server now, your problem is also probably gone, at least until you’re back the previous state of server functionality.

You’re welcome to return if any Let’s Encrypt related problem occurs again.


I’ve reinstalled server but it still redirect to https://wwwdorcio.com

So I need to check some configuration files of a web server?

Do you know what files are these?

And if I installed apache instead of nginx, could it help?


I’m pretty sure that’s a cache issue in your browser. http://dorcio.com and http://www.dorcio.com only show a nginx “welcome page”. And the https:// versions are down, probably because you didn’t install a SSL certificate yet.

Probably, yes. But you chose nginx, probably for a reason. It will most certainly not help you with your system administrator skills, as fixing such a simple issue as a redirect can also haunt you when using Apache.


Hi @Ulti

your webserver is ready. Port 80 works - www and non-www, checking test files under /.well-known/acme-challenge - there is a regular 404 - http status not found.

There are no redirects to https.



says, you have created 6 certificates in the last daysd with dorcio.com as domain name.



says: There are 5 certificates created in the last days with the www-version.

So you can’t create a certificate with one name.

Instead, you should create one certificate with both names.

If you use Certbot, this is something like

certbot otherOptions -d www.dorcio.com -d dorcio.com


Ok, I will try to fix it somehow.

Thank You.


I noticed that on other browsers, it redirects as it should.

It was enough to delete the cache and cookies and it works.

Again thank you very much.


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