Lets encrypt for AVM Fritzbox 6490 cable

Sorry for my schoolenglish - i am german and my english ist good enough for smalltalk, but not commercial.
How can i get Lets encrypt to install it in my Router, becouse the zertifikat know dont works.
How can i get a link download it and install it in my router.
On my NAS there is wotking an lets encryt. Is it okay too install into the Router?

Thanks for helping, and excuse my english.


Hi @Mike9817

simple question:

Isn’t it possible that you use the integrated self signed certificate?

I use my Fritzbox with that certificate.

Valid until 15.1.2038

So I don’t need any renew. Only a browser exception.

CERT von der Fritzbox a the Browser is firefox
sorry it was from DynDNS, when i buy the fritzbox it was the zertifikat from letsencrypt. My mistake was that i changed is. Know i want get an new zertifikat from Lets encryt. is it possible?

Don’t know how the cable version works.

But it should be always the same.

System - FritzBox User - Create a user and add “Internet Access”.
Internet - MyFritz!-Konto / Account: Activate “Internet Access”, use the Letsencrypt certificate.

Then you have a random address


with a random port.

PS: Because it’s a myfritz.net address, Fritz is able to create a Letsencrypt certificate and should renew it.

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Thank you, it works. Mike

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