Let's Encrypt Expiry Bot is wrong [known bug]


I just received a bunch of emails for a bunch of domains warning of “will expire in 19 days
(on 2016-02-09 13:11:00 +0000 UTC)”.
The site in FireFox clearly displays “Expires on 24/03/16” in the certificate information.

Is the Bot just looking at all the certs in my account, rather than what is actually deployed and in use ?


from LE's Expiry Bot


Got the same issue.
Renewed a certificate yesterday, today I receive a certificate expiration notice.


Yeah. Just delete any emails from the expiry bot for now. It’s worse than useless.


I noticed there were multiple issues opened and some of them have been closed. Can someone clearly summarize the status of this?


We’ve got a fix, but it’s dependent on our Ops team running a DB backfill job, so you’ll still see some extraneous emails. We should be running that job next week.