Let's Encrypt Community Website Login Doesn't Play Nice With KeePass

It appears that there is some input validation on the login page. When the username is auto-filled by chromeIPass, I get the following message: “Please enter your email or username, and password.” To get around this, I have to type a random character into the password field and then backspace it (or my password would be invalid). I may have had to do the same with the username field as well. I would do more investigating, but it is 2 AM and I’m currently browsing on a potato. I understand this would be a super-low priority, but I think this kind of functionality fits in with the Let’s Encrypt’s goal of automated security.

I have not:

  • Tried it with a web browser saved username and password
  • Tried it with PassIFox
  • Tried it with KeePass’s built-in Auto-Type

Links for the lazy:

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