Let's Encrypt certificate unable to renew on Sophos UTM9

I installed a Let's Encrypt certificate couple of weeks ago. It's about to expire, but the renewal process doesn't work. I even created a new certificate request, but it says An error occured: An error occurred while communicating with the Let’s Encrypt server.
I even set my FW any 2 any but with no success. Any recommendation? Many thxs in advance.

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The most likely reason is that your Sophos version still uses the Let's Encrypt V1 API which is now discontinued. To fix this you'd need to upgrade your Sophos UTM version.

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HI christoph,

I updated the Sophos UTM9 to the latest version, but I'm still getting this error message.

Are there instruction available how to manually do the renewal process? Thanks in advance!

The message "An error occurred while communicating with the Let’s Encrypt server" is very generic. It would be helpful to have more details.

The error mesaages is as follows: "An error occured while communicating with the Let's Encrypt server. "
Currently I activated a any2 any firewall filter , IPV6 is disabled

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