Let's Encrypt Certificate not working on Mobile devices

I have install Let’s Encrypt Certificate from SSLforfree.com and everything is working good.
abc.com, www(.)abc.com https:// abc.com is working on desktop devices and redirecting it to https:// www(.)abc.com/.

But when anyone types https:// abc.com, it shows error related to security - "Your Connection is not private."
All other abc.com, www(.)abc.com, and https:// www(.)abc.com are working fine on mobile except https:// abc.com.

Please help me out. I have crawled enough internet and nothing worked. Waiting for kind reply.

Added brackets in URLs as it is not accepting more than 2 links for new members. Sorry for that.

This is usually because you haven’t included in the correct chain files in your config, althought without your real domain name it’s not possible for me to check. if you check your domain at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ it should warn you about missing chain certificates if that is really the issue.

Sorry for that serverco. The site is www.sarkariresultwale.com.

Please let me know what is the cause of problem and what steps I should follow to resolve the same.

I’d suggest using https://mozilla.github.io/server-side-tls/ssl-config-generator/ as a template for your apache config, shich will clear up most of the errors that are currently there.

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