Let's Encrypt certificate insecure by web browser

My domain is: https://www.aulasprofdanilo.com.br/moodle/

My web server is: Apache2

The operating system my web server runs on is: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

When I access my web page by any different web browsers it returns that it is not secure. I have already checked my certificate and it’s okay. My SSL test can be viewed in: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=www.aulasprofdanilo.com.br.

Please, what is the problem with my certificate?


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The certificate looked pretty normal…

My bet is on your browser cache… Can you try to view it again now?

Thank you

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Precisely what error message are you getting?

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After the site loaded it continued with a tls handshake with… for almost 20 seconds. The site did load and appears to be okay. The LE certificate is okay.

Hi @danilo_m

there is a check of your domain, ~~6 hours old - https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/?q=aulasprofdanilo.com.br%2Fmoodle%2F

http has a timeout. That may be a problem if users don’t add https. And there is a small content problem you should fix (wrong inline images), but that’s not a certificate problem.

–>> A screenshot with the problem is required.

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Hi, @stevenzhu!

Thank you to the answer! I have already done it, but problem continue.

Hi, @mnordhoff!

When I access by Firefox the error message is: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

Look the file atach.

Hi, @JuergenAuer!

Thank you to the answer. Yes, I have accessed recently this web site to verify my domain, but I did not understand what I should do. Can you help me?

This is the screeshot of the error: !

Hi, @JimPas

Thank you to the answer. I’m going to look to it!

Yes! I think that certificate and web site it is okay! But certificate error message continue.

Honestly, I do not know what to do anymore.

But that’s

your domain.

What url do you use?

What shows

View Certificate

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I use both URLs. Do you think that when I created my Let’s encrypt certificate needed to be different?

There are more 6 images but appear a message (rule of the forum) that limit my images atachs to 1 (new users).

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That’s not required. But you shouldn’t see any error.

Url used -> domain name is in the certificate -> no error.

So I don’t understand why you see that error.

Perhaps use Chrome, then Ctrl + Shift + I, then check Security.

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It will not work if you use a raw ip address.

(do you see what happens when you hide details from us?)





a waste of our time.

You don’t use your correct url.

PS: And your ip address is public, that’s how the internet works.

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Yes! I don’t understand too. But I’m going to do what you’ve asked me at Chrome.

Thank you!

This information that I’ve omitted is my IP server. ( 192.168…)!

Okay, thank you. What is the correct so?

Appear that in Chrome security:

If you use your ip, that can’t work. Your certificate doesn’t include an ip address. And can’t, because the ip address is private.


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