Let's Encrypt and ad hoc deployment

Sorry for my english.
I made a Https with Let’s and i want to use it for an ad hoc deployment.
Do you know if let’s encrypt work for that?
Have I to configure something extra?
Have you a tuto for that?

Can you explain what you mean by " ad hoc deployment." ? are you deploying an app for a website ?

This is a solution form apple pour deploy an application without the apple store and itunes.

I may be misunderstanding your requirement.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are for websites, they are not suitable for code signing which require a different type of certificate than Let’s Encrypt provides.

For the Ad-hoc, we must have a website with a HTTPS so i use let’script.
The website have a file who can install the ipa on the device.
But i don’t know if let’s encrypt work with this system.

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