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My domain is: lscplus.com

I ran this command: Domain hosting edit, ssl support, select Lets Encrypt Support after select click save, after click save show error LE lscplus.com Validation

It produced this output: LE lscplus.com Validation

My web server is (include version): Cloud Server

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Ubuntu 16.04

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: arubacloud.com

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know):

I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): VestaCP

Could you please show the actual error message? If it helps, you can take a screenshot of the error and upload it to imgur.com .

It also looks like you have issued something like 10 Let’s Encrypt certificates for this domain over the past few days. You may run into rate limit troubles, now or very soon.

Is there a reason you are issuing so many certificates?


My previous server very problem … I changed a new server …how can i fix the problem with SSL … I need a ssl as soon as possible …


My previous server very problem … I changed a new server …how can i fix the problem with SSL … I need a ssl as soon as possible …

Please help me SSL…

Unfortunately for you, that is a very useless error message :frowning: .

I have checked your rate limits using lectl and the most likely reason that you cannot issue a certificate is because you issued so many already in the last week.

Sorry, you can’t issue any certificate, you already issued 20 certificates on last 7 days
You could issue next certificate on Monday 2018-Feb-12 07:57:00 AEDT

As you see in that output, you won’t be able to issue a Let’s Encrypt certificate for this domain until at least after this weekend.


2018-Feb-12 07:57:00 AEDT 07:57 local time EU or ?

AEDT is UTC+11 so it would be sometime Sunday night in Western Europe.


Again same problem show …

After wait 07:57:00

Hi @lscplus2018,

Try again in 10 minutes. Let’s Encrypt always issues a certificate with date - 1 hour to avoid conflicts with misconfigured clocks but the rate limit counts from the real date when the cert was issued. lectl script only checks the date your certificate is valid from so add 1 hour to that time, in your case, you should be able to issue a cert at 2018-Feb-11 20:56 UTC (as I said, in aprox 10 minutes).


I’ve checked again the certificates you have issued and as I said, now you should be able to issue 1 new cert BUT maybe you are reaching other rate limit (5 duplicated certs per 7 days). In last 7 days you issued 5 certificates covering lscplus.com:

CRT ID     DOMAIN (CN)                            VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
325666799  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 14:10 UTC  2018-May-09 14:10 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com
325534210  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 09:52 UTC  2018-May-09 09:52 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com
325524125  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 09:29 UTC  2018-May-09 09:29 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com

325501997  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 08:41 UTC  2018-May-09 08:41 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com
325481031  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 07:53 UTC  2018-May-09 07:53 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com

and 5 certificates covering lscplus.com and www.lscplus.com:

CRT ID     DOMAIN (CN)                            VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
325503266  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 08:43 UTC  2018-May-09 08:43 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com
325477738  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 07:47 UTC  2018-May-09 07:47 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com
325441978  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-08 06:32 UTC  2018-May-09 06:32 UTC  86 days     lscplus.com
323931839  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-06 10:15 UTC  2018-May-07 10:15 UTC  84 days     lscplus.com
323867093  lscplus.com                            2018-Feb-06 08:16 UTC  2018-May-07 08:16 UTC  84 days     lscplus.com

So if you want to issue a cert covering only lscplus.com you can’t till aprox. 2018-Feb-15 08:53 UTC and if you want a cert covering lscplus.com and www.lscplus.com you can’t till aprox. 2018-Feb-13 09:16 UTC.


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again try show same problem …

Check my previous post, I’ve edited the answer to cover the 5 duplicated certs per 7 days limit.


2018-Feb-13 09:16 UTC.

09:06 UTC time zone for EU or ?

@lscplus2018, UTC is UTC, no time zone, I don’t know what is your country but for example, for Spain it will be UTC+1 (CET) so the date will be 2018-Feb-13 10:16 CET. If you want to convert dates to your time zone take a look to https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html

My timezone Bosnia and Herzegovina

Then it is the same as Spain, UTC +1


Thanks ansfered … 100% SSL create normal after 2018-Feb-13 10:16 no wait after 2018-Feb-13 10:16 new 1 hour to 11:16


Today I can create SSL normal ?


Done create SSL …

Thanks support !

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