Issues when using ./certbot-auto


So Im following the instructions for

But on the last request for sudo access I get this error

this is the log files-

Many thanks.


Do you have a control panel ? plesk I’m guessing from the error. If so, then you may be better using the plesk plugin as there will probably be a conlict between certbot trying to configure apache and plesk trying to configure apache.


No control panel - Just a headless 14.04 Ubuntu server.

What should i do?



I’d check your apache config, for at least the three errors;

Syntax error on line 216 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:
Syntax error on line 5 of /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/zz010_psa_httpd.conf:
Syntax error on line 58 of /etc/apache2/plesk.conf.d/server.conf:

The reason I was asking about plesk is because of the plesk.conf.d files in your apache config. I’d suggest backing up and removing any config files that you no longer use / need. and check what the specific errors are on the others.


I’m Sorry, but could you be a bit more descriptive in regards what i should keep or not keep?

I will check the 3 files you mentioned. But what kind of syntax errors are there for conf files?


not without seeing your config files, no, sorry. I’d also need to know what you were needing to achieve ( i.e. just host one domain, multiple domains, a webmail package … etc )

Lots ( not helpful I know), but there could be missing brackets, typos etc). You can test it with

apachectl configtest


Hello Serverco!

You see I am running a fair few back-end websites on the server. Its using HTTP and as you know it isn’t secure. I just need to secure the one domain i use for it as it conveys things like password or user data.

While i wait for a reply i will see what i can do with those 3 conf files


Hello Again.

Here are the file files paste-binned. I haven’t not edited these files before and i really can’t see the syntax issue.

apache2.conf: 1
server.conf: 232
zz010_osa: 453

Sorry didn’t see the edit button.

You see I am using a domain via A host record - which is hosted by godaddy.

I have ports which lead to different web-servers. and wish for them to use https


This seems to only have the first part of the files and is truncated.

How did you generate all your configs on this ubuntu server ? the config appears full of information usually found on a server with a plesk control panel


I believe the files were generated when i had the OS installed from a dedicated hoster. I will ask what control panel.

Will get back to you on it.


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