Issue with my ssl & question about sub domain ssl

Hello, today I have registered a domain rentacar and installed Let’s Encrypt on it by pk , As I am new to the world of internet and websites so I have a confusion, when I go to my website with https I get no error but when I go with http I get an error can you tell me why it is happening. Also can I install SSL on sub domain also if yes how it works.


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I'm not getting any error here, just an insecure site, because it is loaded through HTTP and not through HTTPS. That's because there is no redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. You should add such a redirect. Unfortunately, you're not telling us enough information to provide you with further help. This "Help" section of the forum should have provided you with a questionnaire. I guess you choose to delete that questionnaire, but without the answers to those questions, it's not possible to help you further.

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