Issue with mail SSL Certificate

Hello everyone,

Hoping everyone is safe I am just looking for some help on something. So I’m a bit of a hobby web designer and I have a server with OVH, on there all my sites have a lets encrypt SSL certificate. One thing that I have never been able to work out is how to secure mail properly. I have it set to use Roundcube and I go through my local mail app on my computer whenever I send an e-mail on either Roundcube or local computer mail it always lands in the junk folder of the receiving address. My father is also in this industry and he says applying the SSL certificate to the webmail should sort it but It hasn’t. Also whenever I visit my site without the HTTPS address it says it is not secure. On all my other sites I can visit it without the HTTPS extension and it will be secure.

I’m not quite sure If my mail question is absolutely to do with Lets Encrypt and I understand if It gets deleted but any help would be absolutely amazing, also sorry if this question is very amateur but everyone has to learn!

Regards and thanks

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That probably means you email has low reputation. If it lands in Junk folder, it’s not a SSL issue from mailing server…

If you visit a plain http site, how would it be recognized as secure https site? According to, your website didn’t force HTTPS usage, and also use depreciated protocols.



Thank you for those links they are very useful, I’ve just enabled force HTTPS and thats working now completely forgot about that I will work on my domain rep. Thank you very much!


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