Issue with certificate

I am getting Connection is not Secured Error, Even though I installed a valid Let’s Encryption Certificate in my site. Can anyone help me in this regard? Please check below site for your reference.

Can you see the test page itself?

I can see it, but it doesn’t have a green lock b/c of the insecure image loaded on the test page. Everything on a HTTPS page needs to be served through HTTPS, but the image uses http://, not https://.

thanks for quick response, I can see test page getting certificate error and not showing green locak.

Could you post a screenshot of the error please? I’m not getting one.

Certificate Error

Please see the screenshot for your reference. Whenever I check it in it is showing the certificate is valid.


Hi @gajula_vijay,

You see that your site is not secure because when you load your site using https, all the resources loaded at your site (js, images, videos, etc) must be served using https.

In your case, you see this notice because you are loading 1 image from an http site


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Google Chrome mentioned that too, in the same screen which contained the “Connection is Not Secure” warning :wink:

Thanks for the reply, I uploaded secure php code to the site and it showed as secure with Green Lock.
The issue was an plain index html page.

Thanks to all.

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