Issue Of Wildcard SSL Certificates For Domain

My domain name is and i want to issue a Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificates for my domain. My domain is running on a apache server with Debian 9 as a operating system. I don’t know the command fo installing a Wildcard SSL certificate.
So I want to know the exact command to install the SSL certificate for my domain.

Your domain is using Google Cloud DNS, right? Unlike the Google Domains free DNS service, it has an API, and it’s supported by some ACME clients, so you can easily create certificates and automatically renew them.

If you were on Debian testing, you could just apt-get install Certbot and its Google Cloud DNS plugin, but the plugin is unfortunately not packaged on stretch. If you still want to use Certbot, there are less simple ways to install it, like using Docker.

You could use the client with its lexicon plugin. (lexicon is a DNS library that supports a bunch of different services.)

There are also other options.


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