Issue installing on RHEL 7.7

Having exact same issue as described in : Unable to install in RHEL 7.7 on EC2

Rhel 7.7, Developers Subscription

Issues is that package Can be installed if using Amazon’s images, I believe because in there images they are implementing there local repos to be used, but if using on premise, Real deployment and using RH repo directly, it is impossible to deploy even with enabled epel repo,


The easy solution is to use, uacme, or getssl instead of certbot.

:slight_smile: Guys
I’m reporting this to help devs fix the issue, which makes it out of RHEL

As a solution I’ll go to digicert wildcard and going to use there API :slight_smile:



This is a packaging issue, not a certbot or letsencrypt issue. Before spending hundreds of dollars, try another client:

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