Is this normal with LE on Chrome?

Screenshot for more info.

Only happens on Chrome + Windows XP SP2, SP3, and Windows Vista.

It's probably normal. What version of Chrome are you using?

See this thread:

Over time, individual Certificate Transparency logs get added and removed from Chrome's internal list. Old versions of Chrome may not recognize the logs used by recently issued certificates.

Edit: Also, what site is that?


Both Chrome version


Let's Encrypt Certificates are logged at several servers

As i could see, my certificate was submitted to Google "pilot" "rocketeer" & Cloudflare "icarus"

At least two of those are started in 2018.. Hense i'm afraid that Chrome 49 (Released in 2016) will not have such CT Logs (CF submitted their icarus log in 2017 i believe)

Like @mnordhoff's response... that's normal for outdated browser (haven't update in two years...)

Chrome should really have a feature to auto-update CT logs & HSTS Lists even if chrome itself hasn't been updated.. (I know those are baked into the browser...)


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