Certificate Transparency Logs - Chrome 49 on XP no longer likes us?

Sorry if this is the wrong category to post in.
I’m confused about the new problem with Google Chrome, now showing the message of:
“… Chrome did not recognized any of the Certificate Transparency logs.”

What should I do?

@SupermanInNY What is your domain name?

This is my client’s domain, I’ve just installed the certificate for him today:


Works for me… The certificate has SCTs from Google Icarus, which has been trusted since Chrome 55, and Cloudflare Nimbus, which has been trusted since Chrome 65.

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@SupermanInNY I'm able to verify the same as @mnordhoff (Thanks!). The certificate in use contains embedded certificate transparency proofs that should be acceptable to Chrome.

I do notice that "https://www.allstudy.co.il" has mixed content warnings that should be addressed but they wouldn't be responsible for any Certificate Transparency errors.

What version of Chrome were you testing with? On what operating system? Can you share a screenshot of the error?

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I’m using Windows XP SP3 with Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m

I hope the images load up here fine.

and here is the Chrome version.

I believe the problem here is your Chrome version (49). As noted by this warning you aren't receiving updates because the operating system is not supported.

As @mnordhoff mentioned the Certificate Transparency logs we submit to are only recognized in currently supported Chrome versions.

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Got it !!

Thanks for the clarification on this.
I was at a bit of a confusion about this.

Issue now resolved for me.

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