Is there certificates to encrypt an Adobe AIR application

I’ve created an Adobe AIR application and in the export options there is an option to export a

  • Signed AIR Package
  • Signed native installer
  • Signed application with captive runtime

If I follow through the export process it allows me to use a self signed certificate. But this method shows a warning to new users that it is self signed. I’d like to offer my users a official certificate.

Does Let’s Encrypt offer certificates for Adobe AIR applications?

In the export process it looks like it’s using a p12 file I had created at an earlier time.

Adobe's documentation states that ...

Note: The certificate must be created for code signing. You cannot use an SSL or other type of certificate to sign AIR files.

Let's Encrypt does not offer any code signing certificates, which require manual verification. That would not be feasible for a free CA.

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