Is there anything new to generate Let's Encrypt certificate with Docker and Nginx?

I have been using lately Traefik to generate certificates, but I would like to save me one more service in my stack, if there is already a way with Docker and Nginx, without relying on others like Traefik or NginxProxyManager services?

I'm not sure I understand your question exactly [perhaps lost in translation].
I will do my best to answer it as I see it written.

There exists plenty of ways to generate certs with:

  • nginx [and an ACME client]
  • docker [and an O/S image and an ACME client]
  • docker + nginx [and an O/S image and an ACME client]

There is nothing "new" about any of these methods that I am aware of.

If you would like to "save" memory or save on any other system resources, then using only an ACME client in --standalone mode would be the least impactful.


NginxProxyManager is a terrible piece of software if you'd ask me.


Ah okay, thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

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