Is the "Finding an Account URL Given a Key" segment implemented by boulder?

If the server already has an account registered with the provided account key, then it MUST return a response with a 200 (OK) status code and provide the URL of that account in the Location header field. This allows a client that has an account key but not the corresponding account URL to recover the account URL.

If a client wishes to find the URL for an existing account and does not want an account to be created if one does not already exist, then it SHOULD do so by sending a POST request to the new-account URL with a JWS whose payload has an "only-return-existing" field set to "true" ({"only-return-existing": true}). If a client sends such a request and an account does not exist, then the server MUST return an error response with status code 400 (Bad Request) and type "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:accountDoesNotExist".

Is this feature implemented in boulder ?

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