Is it possible to issue a certificate to a domain name that resolves to


I couldn’t find this in the docs, and I only saw questions about the IPs instead of a domain name.

I have a domain for testing (ie that resolves in public DNS to I would prefer to use letsencrypt instead of the a self-signed because the production domain is using letsencrypt and build tests could check the certs easier.

I tried using the manual plugin, but kept generating an unknownHost error.

doing some digging between the source, --verbose, and pdb, it looks like the challenge is not being requested by the client, but is being proxied to, which would mean non-public domain names cannot be signed.

Doing a bit more reading, it seems that there is a dns-01 verification challenge being developed that could work… but my only shortterm solution would be to issue a cert for the domain on a public IP, then change the dns.


dns-01 should work in this scenario. http-01 and tls-sni-01 need the domain to be publicly accessible in order for the verification to succeed.

The official client doesn’t support dns-01 yet, but some others do, for example



I found the easiest way was to set dns for to a public server; run the standard client on that (e.g. http-01 verification), then copy the certs onto the local machine and update dns.

Using dns-01 with another client would be faster and less work, but this really wasn’t much work.


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