Is installing win-acme safe in server?

I was wondering if this is safe in running/installing in the server.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @siam, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

No one, active on this forum, is affiliated with that software.
So, I doubt anyone here will/can provide such assurance.

In so far as I've seen, it has been used by many on this forum without any complaints.
That said, I don't know where you get your software, nor the condition it is in.
So, I can't assure you that anything [site unseen] is safe to use.
If you have access to, you could try running the download through that and see what they think of it.


It's open source (GitHub - win-acme/win-acme: A simple ACME client for Windows (for use with Let's Encrypt et al.)) so assuming you trust the party which build the software and you've verified the code to be safe, you should be good.


win-acme is technically owned by ZeroSSL (via the apilayer company) but in reality it is entirely volunteer maintained and supported. Currently they don't use digital signatures on the executable which is why if you tried to run it you probably got a warning from windows SmartScreen. There are alternative (and commercially supported) apps but plenty of people use win-acme with success.


Not that this changes anything, but ownership has changed a bit in the last years. The Zehetmayr brothers (the former owners of apilayer) sold apilayer in 2021 to Idera. Before they did that though they moved some assets (such as eversign, invoicely and ZeroSSL) off of apilayer and to the newly founded Stack Holdings GmbH. So basically same owners but new company. I guess that their ownership of the various ACME clients was also transferred, but I couldn't find confirmation on that.

Source: Various news articles 1 (German), 2 (German), 3 .


Thanks, I was forgetting that's what they were called :slight_smile: - didn't know they changed hands.


while not active on this forum, WouterTinus (found from github user) will reply ping from this forum. as I tried in past help thread related win-acme


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