iPhone not playing HTML5 video on https


Have a website that plays mp4 files. On some iPhones the videos will not play if the site is accessed thru https but will play fine if accessed thru http.

You can test by visiting https://midn.com/ani and http://midn.com/ani - the problem files are the non-ISS feeds.

I have two certificates on my server, one for midn.com and another, earthlive.app, that points to the “ani” subfolder in the midn folder. Not sure if the overlap is causing issues. The secure version, the same as the https link above can be accessed thru earthlive.app

If it matters, but I think not, I’m using video.js to play the videos.



I can’t find anything wrong when playing H5 video with iPhone 5 chrome simulation.
Also, your site seems to be working properly with let’s encrypt.

However, after I played the video with 5 minutes, I could saw this error message in the console.

“The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

You might need to debug some JS files loaded on your site.

Thank you


The ISS streaming feeds work, it’s the non-ISS streaming videos that don’t work - and only on some iPhones.



I’m sorry but i can’t find any issues related to Let’s Encrypt certificate (actually in my simulation the video played pretty normal)

Thank you


I’ve seen it work on some iPhones and not others. Since I don’t have an iPhone I’ve been testing remotely using a free account at https://saucelabs.com/ and it doesn’t work (usually) in https on their free Live iPhone 6. I also have a friend with an SE running iOS 12 and it doesn’t work on his either.


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