Cannot access to website via iphone


Dear all,
I have already install let’s encrypt in my host. I can access my site from computer or android OS, but i cannot open page from iphone.
My site:
Please help me fix it

#2 is sending a certificate for * issued by RapidSSL, not Let’s Encrypt.

Can you provide some more details about your setup, i.e. the web server software, how you configured SSL, etc.?


I’m sorry, i’m using share hosting. Please help me check it


The instructions for shared hosting plans depend on your hosting provider. Usually, your provider has some kind of control panel where they allow you to upload your private key and certificate/chain files. That is, if they support using your own SSL certificates at all, which isn’t always the case. You’d have to consult their documentation or ask support for details. Note that you’ll have to renew your certificate manually every 3 months unless your hosting provider supports Let’s Encrypt natively.


SSLLabs is reporting a Fail due to DROWN attack vulnerability and the BEAST attack isn’t mitigated server-side

Could one of these be the reason?


What kind of error are you getting on the iphone?

Note: SSLLabs is showing a LetsEncrypt certificate.

Edit: I’m getting an error in Firefox because I don’t allow cookies by default.

Edit 2: I’m getting a mixed-content warning with Firefox when I enable cookies. This is probably the problem . Make sure all content is https.


That doesn’t matter since the only way to do it is to use RC4, which is a much worse configuration.


Here’s the offending content:


Yeah, ignore that. It appears to be due to mixed content.


Hi @mikedavis

What’s your site?

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