Iphone mail not renewing certificate

Hi all,

I’ve just joined this chat community and hoping someone can help me.

My Lets Encrypt certificate didn’t auto renew, my server is working on why it happened. I have manually renewed and all is working on my laptop…mail coming in fine now but not on my iPhone.

It seems Apple has removed the trust button on iOS and I do not know how to renew now, I keep getting a message saying that certificate has expired even though it is now renewed and I know its working as it works on laptop just not the iPhone.

How do we now renew on iOS…any thoughts please?


If you've renewed the certificate, and your server is configured correctly, you don't need to trust the cert (on iOS or anything else). If you're needing to manually intervene to trust the cert, you're doing something very wrong. What did you do to "manually renew"? What's your domain?

The renewal process happens only on the server, not on any client device. You should wait until the renewal has happened correctly on the server; once that's happened, you shouldn't experience any errors or need to take any action on any client device. :slight_smile:

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