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I am working for Canadian company Evertz Microsystems, actually Evertz AV group.

We would like to have our own intermediate CA which is signed by the public CA. Do you provide this service and how much it costs?

From what I see your root certificate is in Firefox trusted list but I could not find it in Chrome’s. Do you know if Chrome is adding your root certificate to their trusted list any time soon?



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This has been previously answered here: Does Let's Encrypt offer intermediate certificates?



Disclaimer: I'm not a Let's Encrypt staff member.

First of all, I believe that currently Let's Encrypt (or ISRG) does not provide external certificate signing (do not sign intermediate certificate. (As @_az already said)

Firefox (Mozilla) maintains a list of their own CA trust program that's used in their browser. But chrome (itself) doesn't operate a CA trust program, their certificate trust source comes from the machine's own certificate store. (Like Microsoft trust program). For compatibility please refer to this link: Certificate Compatibility - Let's Encrypt

Thank you


Let’s Encrypt apparently didn’t explicitly rejected the idea of cross signing a CA on the Let’s Encrypt model. (So, I guess, Free & Open) : Is Let's Encrypt going from savior to single point of failure (SPOF)?


Thank you all for a quick response.

I see now that “Maximum number of intermediate CAs: 0” in your certificate so I’ll have to look for a solution somewhere else.



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